Powell High School - Powell Wyoming

FTC Teams 3188 and 6437

Welcome to PHSBOTS.ORG!

This site is brought to you by the Powell High School robotics club from Powell, Wyoming.   We are located about 75 miles from the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Powell is a rural agricultural community that produces a lot of dry beans, malt barley, sugar beets (did you know that about 55% of the sugar produced in the US is actually made from sugar beets, not sugar cane??), and world famous hay crops.  Its a small town of about 6,000 people inside the city limits.  Wyoming itself only has about 500,000 people so you can image how spread out we are. In fact, we are the least densely populated State in the nation.

Our club currently includes 2 FTC teams - 3188 and 6437.  In the 2011-12 season (Bowled Over) team 3188 recieved an invite to the FTC World Championships in St. Louis MO.  In the 2012-13 (Ring it Up) team 6437 received an invite to the FTC World Championships.  We hope you find a lot of interesting information about our club, the US FIRST organization, the First Tech Challenge, and of course our robots! 

For other FTC teams and mentors - make sure and check out our "FTC Resources" section. We have quite a bit of code available for others to use and modify.

What is US FIRST?

US First is an organization created by Dean Kamen (creator of the Segway Scooters). FIRST is an acronym that stands for " For Inspiration and Recongnition in Science and Technology". US First is a world-wide program that brings together students as young as 6 (Jr FIRST Lego League) through High School students (FIRST TECH CHALLENGE/FTC and FIRST ROBOTICS CHALLENGE/FRC) to work in teams to solve real world problems using science, engineering, and math. There are over 2500 FTC teams around the world and US FIRST reaches over 350,000 students yearly through its programs to inspire future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) leaders.

FIRST teams all have volunteer mentors who help the teams to be safe and learn the basics of mechanical engineering, software engineering, design, marketing, project management and scheduling, and materials fabrication. Our mentors at Panther Robotics have a great breadth of experiences. We have 2 mentors who worked at Microsoft on the C/C++ compilers, a mentor who is a mathematics professor, one who is a physics professor, and one who grew up on a cattle ranch has a degree in range management and helps with practical designs and implementation.

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