Powell High School - Powell Wyoming

FTC Teams 3188 and 6437

Upcoming Events

  • 2012-13 FTC World Championships April 24th - 27th 2013:   3 members of Team 6437 - the Mad Hatters - along with Panther Robotics sponsor Judith LaPlante, and mentors Deepthi Amasuri and Paul Escato will be travelling to St. Louis MO for this season's World Championships. (click here to view live streaming courtesy of NASA)

  • 4-H Robotic Day Camp:   Members of teams 3188 & 6437 and Panther Robotics sponsor & Tech instructor Judith LaPlante will be putting on a day long summer camp for 4-H participants. Dates haven't been set yet so check back often or with the 4-H office directly.

  • Panther Robotics Tour-de-Wyoming Fundraiser:   Members of teams 3188 & 6437 and Melanie Morrison (a wonderful parent supporter) will be serving breakfast and dinner on July 15th for nearly 400 participants in the Tour-de-Wyoming bike tour. They will be showing off their robots too!

  • Robotic Demo Fall 2013:   Members of Panther Robotics will bring this year's bots to the 3 elementary schools in Powell this coming fall to demo the technology, fun, and engineering that went into this year's challenge. Dates will be in early September 2013.

  • 2013-14 Season MT State Qualifing Tournament:   Panther Robotics will be required to compete in a Qualifying Tournament in MT next year due to the popularity of their State event. No teams will be allowed to compete at State who haven't competed (and potentially qualified highly) at a Qualifying Tournament. Dates not set yet but will be in December, hopefully in Billings. We will update this as we get more information.

Recent Events

  • Beef Raffle for World's travel and 2013-14 parts:   Panther Robotics members sold over $4,000 worth of raffle tickets for a side of beef donated by Triple L Cattle LLC to partially fund team 6437's trip to St. Louis and to fund next year's parts budget (yeah!!) Congratulations Pam Adams of Powell who won the side of beef! And congrats to Garrett for selling the winning ticket. Rumor is his sister sold the winning ticket for the last beef raffle so we guess you know who to track down to buy tickets next time... Dallas was the top ticket seller, selling almost $1,800 in tickets himself. And he's a senior so he won't even get to use the parts next year. Now that's Gracious Professionalism!

  • 2012-13 Wyoming State FTC Robotics Championship:   Panther Robotics sent 2 teams to the Wyoming FTC State Championships in Casper March 16t. Team 6437 won the State tournament! Congratulations to all of the Panter Robotics members for representing Powell High School and our community very well once again.

  • 2012-13 Montana State FTC Robotics CHampionship:   Panther Robotics sent 2 teams to the Montana FTC State Championships in Bozeman Feb 3rd.

  • Yellowstone RoboRumble 2013:   Partnering with Northwest College, members of Panther Robotics put on an FTC Official Scrimmage in Powell, WY this year. We hosted 7 teams from MT and WY and from the sounds of it, we expect to have a lot more teams next year! Dates will be in mid January, 2014.