Powell High School - Powell Wyoming

FTC Teams 3188 and 6437

FTC Resources - RobotC

Over the past couple of years we have developed some reusable code in RobotC that we are happy to make available to other teams for either use in their robots or for educational purposes. 


The list below gives a general outline of what the different pieces of software do.  If you find something you would like to get access to, simply click on the "Contact Us" menu tab.  This will take you to our contacts page where you can leave us your email and a message about which of the projects you'd like and we'll email back a RobotC project with the sources and documentation (if available) you need.

RobotC Code Available:

  • Holonomic Drive Subsystem: This project includes a set of functions and documentation to implement a 4 wheel holonomic drive subsystem. The RobotC code allows you to wire up your joystick to functions to move in all 8 directions (N,S,E,W, plus the 4 diagonals) as well as rotation support (Left and Right).

  • Controller Button Edge Detection: This project provides functionality to allow you to know if a button on the controller is pushed once. Edge detection will only register/call your code the first time its pushed. If the button is held down, only the first "down" registers. Without this code, you may be experiencing your "button push" code being called over and over again if you have code like "if(Joy1Btn(MyButton)) {//do something}".

  • Using the SMUX (Sensor Multiplexor): This project (nearly all of it from Xander over at botbench.com) provides a simple example of how team 3188 used a SMUX to get access to more sensors than the brick supports directly. The moment you need more than 4 sensors, a SMUX is a real help.

  • Bucket/Arm auto-balancer: This project provides some basic functions to do the math to keep a bucket at the end of an arm balanced or parallel with a starting position as the arm moves via motor power. The functionality includes support for arms that use gearing which changes the ratio of movement. The current implementation was from 3188's Ring It Up bot and uses a DC motor for arm movement and a non-continuous rotation servo for the bucket adjustments.