Powell High School - Powell Wyoming

FTC Teams 3188 and 6437

Team 6437 - The Mad Hatters

"Team 6437 is Panther Robotics newest team, thanks to the tremendous interest and growth in our program. 3 returning members of Team 3188 have shown Gracious Professionalism in agreeing to move to the new team in order to provide leadership to the 3 new members. We're excited to see how this new group of engineers and programmers do!


Brian is one of the team's mechanics and designer of the famed "floppy claw"! Brian had been in Robotics for two years, and he is now a junior. Brian also participates in Fall and Spring Tennis when he isn't building robots.

Quote: "A robot is like an artichoke; you have to work to get to the fun part!"


Dallas is proud to be the programmer for the Mad Hatters. He has been involved in Robotics for two years (he was one of the programmers for 3188 during last years World Championship run) and he a senior.


Outside of the Robotics Club, Dallas manages football, basketball, and boys soccer teams.

Quote: "Robotics is very awesome!"


Garrett is a primary builder for the Hatters. He has been in robotics for two years, and is a junior. This year Garrett will only be particpating in Robotics,
and he is giving 110%!

Quote: " Robotics is fun and it is a good learning experience."


Josh is a proud member of the Madhatters, and he is one of the team's mechanics. Josh is trying roboticcs for the first time this year as a sophomore, and so far enjoys it! Josh also participates in speech and debate and will be joining track in the Spring.

Quote: "I like building things."


Justin is a junior and a first year member of the PHS Robotics club. He has completed 4 semesters of Robotics courses including competing at the SkillsUSA competition in 2013.


Moriah is a member of the Madhatters, and she is the website designer. This is her first year in Robotics, and so far she loves it! Moriah is a sophomore, and outside of Robotics she volunteers at the animal shelter, plays Spring Tennis, and is assisting in teaching a self defense class.

Quote: "Robotics is the bees knees, and it is a TON of fun!"


Quinn is the research manager for the Madhatters, and he is doing a great job so far. Quinn is joining Robotics for the first time this year as a sophomore. Outside of Robotics, Quinn is involved in Speech and Debate, Drama, and a game designing club. Next year Quinn will take over as a programmer for the team. He's just now finishing Computer Science 2 (C# and XBox360 programming) which will prepare him well for RobotC!

Quote: "We are the Mad-Hatters, not the Mad-Geniouses!"

Team 3188 - Squiggle Splat Bang

"Team 3188 is returning for its second consecutive year competing in FTC. Last year Squiggle Splat Bang (written ~*!) made it all the way to the First FTC World Championships in St. Louis MO. That was their very first year as a Robotics team!!! Because of the rapid growth of students interested in robotics and STEM careers in and around Powell, we've added a second team this year and split of the returnning members from 3188 across 2 teams. This year Team 3188 consists of 2 returning members of last years team, and 3 new members.


Adam takes care of the team's engineering notebook and forums. He is also an important part of the build team. Adam is also learning Autocad Inventor 2013 to be able to draft next year's motors/propulsion subsystem and base. This is Adam's first year on Robotics as a freshman, and he also participates in basketball, tennis, and track.

Quote: "Robotics seems like fun, but it's fun WORK."


Jordan works as the teams mechanical engineer and "returning veteran of Robotics". Jordan has been a proud member of the Robtics team for three years, and he is a Junior. Jordan also enjoys playing the saxophone!

Quote: "Engineering; its math, but louder."


Noah is working as a builder/ mechanic. He is also learning Autocad Inventor and is focusing on the sheet metal and other sheet products (ie Lexan) bending and fabrication models. This is Noah's first year as a freshman, and so far he enjoys it. He also enjoys playing tennis!

Quote: "Robotics is fun, but it is important to stay focused."


Taylor is as a builder/ mechanic. This is Taylor's first year in Robotics as a freshman, and Robotics is his main focus! He's just finishing up Robotics 2 (second semester) and is enjoying learning programming.


Tyler is a returning for his second year as a member on team 3188~*!, and he is the team's programmer. Tyler has completed 4 semesters of programming at PHS including Intro to Programming in SmallBasic, C# (XBox360 programming), and Visual Basic. Tyler is a Junior, and he also participates in Tae-Kwan-Do, and he shows cattle.

Quote: "One does not simply ride a robot into Mordor!"